The Kalapana Awa Band

“Having been on The Big Island for a week, I had no idea what was in store for me when a friend invited me to Uncle Robert’s on the tropical side of the island in Puna, June 19.   As the light began to fade, we parked our car in the lava lot, entered the market, passing stands of tie-dye tee shirts and crystal stands.  I soon realized that I entered into a world, which was a throw back to the 70s.  As we walked through the food market, with large crowds choosing from every ethic food you can think of, we began to hear the music of the The Kalapana Awa Band.  As they began to play rock n’ rolls hits like Mustang Sally or Twist and Shout, people began to get up and free style dance to the rhythms of Hawaiian rock n’ roll, with wonderful ukuleles.   It was truly a happening, that takes place every Wednesday for the community, which is all about peace, love and great music.”

Photos and Review By Linda Kessler