The Joy Formidable

Sometimes it’s the band, sometimes the opening act, sometimes it’s the gleam in the eye of just one audience member that makes a show special.

As I waited for The Joy Formidable to hit the stage at the Horseshoe  Tavern in Toronto,  I was struck by the meticulous, efficient support from their roadie.

She moved from bass, to keyboard, to guitar with ease and grace.

Tangled cords untangled, towels folded and put in their places, water bottles (caps partially turned) strategically located for the band; everything ready for the band.

The band was tight, energetic, and well-received by a large audience, but I left the venue thinking about the behind-the-scenes work that every touring band needs to be successful.

Here’s to all the roadies for making the shows we watch, listen to, and shoot go as smoothly as possible every night.

Photos and Review by Jeff Ross