Moscow Apartment

Young women appear on stage with big black Sharpie X’s on the backs of both hands. That means they’re underage performers; not even allowed in the club except for the stage and dressing room. At the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto, Canada, Singer Brighid Fry of Moscow Apartment worried that her entire Sunday would taken up by homework to make up for time spent playing a busy concert schedule, but I’m sure she’s happy with the trade-off. Most 16-year-olds with guitars will never make a living in music, but they should never stop trying. Fry and bandmate Pascale Padilla are talented, personable, and had some good songs in their short set. According to their bio, the duo, are “Winners of the Best Young Songwriters award at the 2017 Toronto Independent Music Awards, the Under 18 award in the 2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition, and the Best Young Performer award at the 2017 Canadian Folk Music Awards”, so they’ve been noticed early on and have a leg-up on making a go of it. They may or may not ever reach your town. They’re like countless other teens with potential and a dream to pursue. In terms of earning power, last night might have produced a handful of dollars (plus a couple of free beers for their of-age fill-in drummer), but if they earned a few fans and keep plugging away…

Photos and article by Jeff Ross

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