Take the best guitarist you ever saw.
Then take the musician with the most energy.
Then take the one who is having the most fun on stage and connecting with his audience.
Put them all together, and you have MIYAVI!

He is a Japanese guitarist, singer-songwriter and an amazing guitarist who will have you memorized from the moment he walks out on the stage.

Tonight at Sony Hall, he rocked the venue better than anyone I have ever seen there- and possibly anywhere.
I hadn’t heard of him til I got the assignment but watching him for 6 seconds on YouTube had me saying”ok”
Live in person-he’s incredible. Talented, humble, warm and handsome wrapped up in one package. He had the fans singing along to “What’s My Name” and I am pretty sure people out on 8th Avenue were able to hear.

Right before the encores started, I was heading down a hallway to go to the back of the venue as Miyavi was coming down the stairs. He saw me and sadly said, “you’re not leaving, are you?” I smiled and said “NO WAY…play all night” to which he smiled back.

I wish he did play all night…he was THAT good!

Photos and Review By Debra L. Rothenberg