Kind Folk

Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT, is a special place to see a show! Its a simple, beautiful room with good sound and no distractions. No photos (I took this at the end of the show), no talking and no food or drinks (you can have those before or after at the bar downstairs).

Tonite I saw Kind Folk featuring: John Raymond (trumpet, flugelhorn), Noam Wiesenberg (bass), Alex LoRe (sax) and filling in for Colin Stranahan was Daniel Dor (drums).

It was a great show and I enjoyed the music and the interplay between band members. Especially refreshing was the handing off of melody and notes from trumpet to sax and back again. Sometimes taking turns and sometimes playing alongside each other. I was looking forward to hearing Stanahan on drums but due to the weather issues he was stranded in Europe. Dor, an excellent drummer, did a great job filling in for him. It was surprising to learn that he just learned the music that day.

Review and Photo by Fredda Gordon