Kate Tempest

The setting, an intimate little venue in the East Village, where a crowd of ticket winners were patiently waiting for the performance of Kate Tempest to begin.  The small venue quickly became comfortably crowded as people settle into and around the small stage.  
     Kate Tempest, a UK born and bred rap artist, poet, playwright and spoken word artist captivated the crowd at Berlin NYC.  Her words kept the everyone aware of her message of a society that was at once in danger and capable of so much more.  Her newly released album “The Book of Traps and Lessons” is chock full of somewhat autobiographical episodes of love and longing as describe in one of the poems she recited as she was accompanied by her musical associate.  
     In the one of the poems she recited she describes meeting a woman that crossed the floor like a firework exploding in slow motion.  Very sensual and provocative to be sure.  
     Kate Tempest’ take on society, political issues, love, longing, and all things in between leave you definitely longing to be a part of the world she envisions as an alternative to the “chaos” we now share.  
     Her talent has definitely been recognized in Europe, especially in her home in the UK, and for sure it is being recognized here in the USA.

Photos and Review by Ray Aponte