Kae Tempest-Music Hall of Williamsburg (NY)

Kae Tempest 


Music Hall of Williamsburg

24 Mar 2022

     Kae Tempest, author, poet, spoken word artist, rapper, playwright.  The many titles that this individual hold boggles the mind.  To say that they (they no longer use pronouns she/her), are talented is such an understatement, I find myself almost at a loss for words.  But this I shall try. 

     They started their set spitting words accompanied by the talented Hinako Omori, that immediately had the audience mesmerized with the visions of their world, their hopes, their feelings, and sharing those feelings with those in the audience who would be brave enough to realize what this world could be.  Trust me when I say, they would follow Kae to that world and beyond. 

     They recited their lyrics and they flowed like tears from heaven speaking of love, the world at large and what it still had to do to make the world a “better place”.  I think that they wanted to connect with the audience and with “The World” and they did as the audience listed to their words.  

      Pieces like “People’s Faces”, and I do it no justice but the one part of the piece that resonates is when they say, “There’s So Much Peace to Be Found in People’s Faces”.  How deep is that, that they speak of finding peace in the face of a total stranger, or strangers, that collectively, there is peace to be had if the world could sincerely, easily, fearlessly, look into each other’s faces.  

     The pieces that they recite cover a vast arena of feelings.  Politics, love, death, hope, longing, tears, life et al.  They speak of these as though they have tapped into the feelings of those who have suffered, cried, loved, lost, and everything in between.  This is an artist who feels it all and wants everyone to feel it without fear.  Brilliant doesn’t begin to describe them.  

     I could go on and fill pages and pages of my own feelings after this night’s concert, but I will not.  I only end this somewhat vague but heartfelt review with these last words.  I can only suggest that you be brave enough to look into this artist vast collection of works.  I guarantee you, they will touch your soul in a most profound way.

Review and Photos by Raymond Aponte