Tank & The Bangas-Webster Hall, NYC


Tank & The Bangas At Webster Hall
19 March 2022

Quirky, and quite theatrical musical group Tank and The Bangas are a soul-meets-jazz-meets-hip-hop  group from New Orleans that delivers a unique and fresh sound to the music scene.

As they have evolved since they formed in 2011, a varied list of musicians have lent their talents to Tank and The Bangas disc history both on and off the stage.

The group is primarily made of five members: Joshua Johnson on drums (musical director as well), Merell Burkett Jr. on keyboards, Albert Allenback one saxophone and flute, Norman Spence on bass and synth, and last but not least Tarriona “Tank” Ball on lead vocals.

While blending multiple genres, Tank and The Bangas have taken it a step further and basically made up their own signature genre. They have managed to create a discography the comes off as zany, polished, brilliant, mature and youthful all at the same time.

Lead singer “Tank” is never afraid to express all the emotions of life, happiness, sadness, desperation, envy, insecurity, and does it brilliantly in her lyrics while doing in a childish rapper staccato style, and she definitely touches many a soul as is evident at the band’s concerts as the audience sings along with her.

This group covers a wide spectrum when performing, all at once becoming happy, uplifting, broody and dark and deep. They have the talent and the muscle to deliver. This  group is BANGING!!!!!

Photos and Review by Raymond Aponte