Dennis Quaid with Greta Keating

Dennis Quaid is a great actor. I have loved his movies ever since I saw him in “Breaking Away” in 1979… but I had no idea about his music capabilities. Tonight at City Winery, he was AMAZING! He’s still handsome at 60 something years old, has a great connection to his audience, and he can sing! Singing such classic hits such as the Doors “LA Woman” and Johnny Cash’s “Walk The Line,” Mr Quaid makes each song his own. He fully engages the audience and keeps them on their feet dancing the whole time…even jumping off the stage to get up close and personal with everyone.

Greta Keating opened and she was just as charming and wonderful. With just her Fender guitar and sweet voice, she is a name to remember and I look forward to catching her again.

By Debra L. Rothenberg