Cris Jacobs

Cris Jacobs performed tonite at Fairfield Theatre Company (FTC), Fairfield, CT, and it was a great show. He played a lot of songs from Color Where You Are, a new album which will be released next week. The audience loved every song, old and new.

Ranging from jamming rock tunes to moving ballads, Jacobs (vocals, guitar), Jonathan Sloan (guitar), Dusty Ray Simmons (drums) and Todd Herrington (bass) each one had deep feeling and strength. Jacobs also played a cigar box guitar where the guitar body is literally a cigar box, and he made it smoke, well not literally. At one point Jacobs said “I love playing here. Great venue with great people.” He was referring to FTC which is a non profit venue that survives on donations and volunteers and everyone is doing it for the music.

The show was awesome and I enjoyed it!

Photographs and Review by Fredda Gordon.