Beth Hart

Beth Hart at Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ

July 31, 2018 

Beth Hart has a very unique style unlike any female vocalist I’ve ever seen. She is raw, and she is intense! Beth exposes her heart and soul to you, while belting out emotional songs that literally come from her inner core. She is an amazing blues vocalist, and her songs are inspired by important people in her life as well as difficult experiences she’s gone through. Some of the songs she sang tonight were Spiders in My Bed, Mama This One’s for You, Tell Her You Belong to Me, and Sister Heroine. Beth has so much passion and her energy that it travels to the crowd. She is known for getting to know her audience, and tonight she sat on the edge of the stage and sang while pouring her heart out. Then in a very playful manner she strutted out into the crowd while singing ‘Delicious Surprise’. The whole time high-fiving, hugging, and dancing with her fans. It was beautiful to see a giant room full of people smiling and focused on this dynamic woman! She is a multi talented singer, musician, and writer. If you haven’t heard her voice, I highly suggest you look her up!


Photos and Review by Melissa Lawlor