APAP Showcase

When we first got to The Bowery Ballroom we were pleasantly surprised to find there was folding chairs set out. The Bowery is normally a standing venue.

The first act came out and I knew I’d seen him before. Of course, I had, it was Teddy Thompson, longtime mainstay of the New York music scene. I used to see him quite often as he was often playing with people I like including his father. He certainly inherited Richard’s sense of humor and stage manner.

Next up was Birds of Chicago; I have not seen them often but have loved them every time I did. The heart of the band is the married duo of Allison Russell and JT Nero. Their name includes Chicago, but Allison is from Canada and they now live in Nashville. Their music is infused with trad folk, Gospel, and things that come from within themselves. They are one of safest recommendations; I guarantee that you’ll love them. I will see them whenever the come around.

Red Molly, a long-time favorite of mine, took the stage next. The harmony trio, Abbie Gardner on dobro, Laurie MacAllister and Molly Venter on guitar, were joined by Eben Pariser on drums and guitar, and Craig Akin on bass.

The final act of the night was Mary-Elaine Jenkins. Coincidentally the last time I saw Ms. Jenkins she opened for Richard Thompson.

Photos by Jamie Kalikow, article by Gordon Nash