Wolfe Island Records Revue


Wolfe Island Records Revue 
Hugh’s Room 
Toronto, Canada 
November 16, 2019 

Wolfe Island Records had a get-together at Hugh’s Room in Toronto for an ensemble show featuring several of their talented artists, including Kate Fenner & Chris Brown, Stephen Stanley & Chris Bennett, and Suzanne Jarvie. 

I hadn’t seen Kate Fenner since her Bourbon Tabernacle Choir days-a fantastic 90’s band consisting of over a dozen members and three lead vocalists. She’s still beautiful in both voice and visage (yes, I had a crush on her 25 years ago) having lost nothing to age. 

Equally impressive was Suzanne Jarvie, whose voice held up beautifully singing on her own or with any/all of the other artists. 

FYI, Wolfe Island is located at the eastern end of Lake Ontario near Kingston and can be reached by ferry from both Canada and from Cape Vincent, NY through a tiny border entry point. I made the crossing there during the summer-what a beautiful way to come home from a driving trip to the USA.