The Mavericks!

The Mavericks, founded almost 30 years ago are the genre-defying preeminent concert dance band.  To see them perform you are immediately hooked on their high-energy, singularly brilliant blend of  music combining Cuban music roots with a twist of Country and Americana.

The band includes the incomparable singer/songwriter Raul Malo, with Paul Deakin on drums,  Jerry Dale McFadden on the keyboard and lead guitarist Eddie Perez. The core four are backed by an über talented group of musicians including, Max Abrams on saxophone, Michael Guerra on accordion, Ed Friedland on bass and two wonderfully talented trumpet players Julio Diaz and Lorenzo Molina Ruiz.

Grammy winners in 1995, the band took a break in 2003 and with their reuniting in 2012 they have returned with fresh creativity and energy, touring and winning new fans world-wide with every performance much to the delight to the many fans who have followed them since their beginnings in 1989.  The Mavericks are now performing with a free abandon under their own recording label and they are  unmatched in concert while traveling and touring across the US, Canada and Europe once again.

By Hillary Yasmer Shemin


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  1. Thanks for posting accurate and up to date information and photos. Too many other sites just post old photos and still have old band members. Nice, concise….and ACCURATE article. Thanks.

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