SUITCASE JUNKET’s one-man band set up on stage at Café Wha at first glance resembles a collection of odds and ends at a flea market.  A cluster of spoons and metal pieces from a project unfinished, a drum with a few other attachments that don’t quite belong but somehow he makes it work .   But now for the surprise!!! Matt Lorenz aka Suitcase Junket starts his set with an anecdote of sorts and proceeds to strike up his signature sound which can be best described as part wandering minstrel, part blue grass, folk singer with a splash of Tibetan throat singer thrown in.  His is not your usual sort of sideshow.  He is unique, fun, and someone you will not soon forget.  

      As his show progresses, you can’t help but start to tap your feet and feel good about what’s happening up on stage.  Its mesmerizing, entertaining and raw.  A sort of Tom Waits quality about his songs and the overall vibe. His song list speaks of the wonders of the world, the chaos of the political scene and the hope of a world fixing itself.  


     Morgan Weidinger is a solo artist and multi-instrumentalist who plays violin, guitar, and piano.  Her performances are all at once jazzy, bluesy, folksy and unique.  Incorporating a loop machine, she layers her songs bit by bit, playing a violin, then guitar, and then layering in her vocals.  Her songs are captivating and speak of life and she knows it, on topics of love, life in Brooklyn and her new home of New York City.

Photos and Review by Raymond Aponte