Steven Page, Lowest of the Low, The Trews, Headstones

Bordercrash at Artpark-Lewiston, New York

July 13th, 2019

Steven Page

Lowest of the Low

The Trews


Canadian invaders took over Artpark on the American side of the Niagara Gorge for a great night of music. 

Steven Page, ex of Barenaked Ladies started with a mix of songs ranging from silly to serious. 

Lowest of the Low blended tunes from the recent Agitpop album with long-time anthems such as Rosy and Grey and Eternal Fatalist. 

The Trews were up next and didn’t disappoint as the MacDonald brothers and their bandmates have tremendous energy on stage. 

Headstones, fronted by actor/musician Hugh Dillon closed the Canadian quadruple-bill, but a prior commitment forced me to leave before their stage time.

The venue itself was wonderful, with the Canadian side of the gorge as a backdrop and comfortable vantage points all through the grounds.

Photos and Review by Jeff Ross