Rhett Miller

What an incredible double bill last night at City Winery. When a musician can walk out on stage, all alone except for his guitar, and keep the audience so entertained for hours, you know that they are something special. This is Clarence Bucaro and Rhett Miller. Mr. Bucaro opened for Mr. Miller and played his heart out for 30 minutes, with his songs telling stories of his life, his father, what it was like to be 21. “Dreaming From the Heart of New York” is a song that any New Yorker can relate to-what it is like to live here, dream here, not know anyone and how it can be lonely.

Rhett Miller took the stage shortly after to loud applause. With his long light brown hair flowing in his face, he looked like Keith Urban’s brother and had the audience listening to every song and smiling along.
Try to catch these 2 when they come to your town-before you can’t get a ticket.

Photos and Review by Debra L Rothenberg