Pantera, Lamb of God & Child Bite – Hersheypark Stadium

Pantera, Lamb of God & Child Bite – Hersheypark Stadium – Saturday, August 5, 2023

Review & Photos by Lori Schneider (IG: @LoriSchneiderPhotography)Pantera brought their For the Fans, For the Brothers, For Legacy tour to Hershey, Pennsylvania on a hot summer night with special guest Lamb of God and opening support from Child Bite. Metalheads gathered at Hersheypark Stadium and paid tribute to guitarist Dimebag Darrell, who was tragically murdered on stage during a performance in 2004 and his brother, drummer Vinnie Paul who died of heart failure in 2018. The connection between the band and audience was a testament to the enduring power of Pantera’s music.
Opening the show was American punk/metal band Child Bite who formed in 2005 in Detroit, Michigan. Their sound is enormous and aggressive loud rock. Their off-kilter loud rock definitely knocked it out of the park (Hersheypark) for all the fans in attendance.
Performing a 30-minute set were band members Shawn Knight (vocals), Sean Clancy (bass), Jeremy Waun (guitar) and Jeff Porter (drums). Child Bite can be found online at and on Instagram @childbite.From the moment the first thunderous chords reverberated through the venue, the stage was set ablaze literally with an enormous boom, curtain drop and pyrotechnics as Lamb of God unleashed an onslaught of metal mastery with groove-laden riffs and bone-rattling drumming taking over the atmosphere. A loop of energy between the band and their fans intensified with every song.
Band members Randy Blythe (vocals), John Campbell (bass), Mark Morton (lead guitar), Willie Adler (rhythm guitar) and Art Cruz (drums), brought the crowd an extra layer of intensity to their hour long performance with songs such as “Laid to Rest”, “Redneck”, and “Walk with Me in Hell”. Overall, the 10-song set was a rollercoaster of intensity and a release of energy and emotion. The unbridled metal mastery and their ability to connect with their fans solidified Lamb of God’s status as true masters of the genre.
Lamb of God can be found online at and on Instagram @lambofgod. Legendary heavy metal band Pantera finally took the stage for the already hyped up crowd. Following a curtain drop and plumes of smoke rising into the air, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. Pantera kicked off their 15-song set with “A New Level”.
Current members Phil Anselmo (vocals), Zakk Wylde (guitar), Charlie Benante (drums) and Rex Brown (bass) immediately sent shock waves through the venue with a barrage of heavy riffs and pounding drums that got the crowd’s adrenaline pumping even more. The setlist was a journey through Pantera’s iconic discography, featuring songs “Walk”, “Cowboys from Hell”, “F***ing Hostile” and “Cemetary Gates”. 
Frontman Phil Anselmo’s raw and powerful vocals cut through the hot air like a razor, his signature growls and screams resonating with the crowd. He commanded the stage with an energy and intensity holding everyone’s attention throughout the night.
The energy of the performance never waned. Pantera delivered a relentless onslaught of heaviness that left the crowd in a state of metal-infused euphoria. The band’s dedication to their music, legacy and fans was evident in every note they played.
Pantera can be found online at and on Instagram @panteraofficial.