Product Review – Lens Flipper by Go Wing

The lens flipper by Go Wing is an invention that I wish was introduced decades ago. You can carry one or 2 lenses around your shoulder, making it super easy to swap out one for another. There is no need to open your bag, or even to carry a bag. The first time I used it was at a concert and I will admit-I couldn’t find the right way to remove a lens but this was my fault-I didn’t test it out to see how it worked before hand. Once I got the hang of it-which took approximately one minute, it became one of my favorite accessories. 
I never felt as if a lens was going to come undone. Once you hear it click in, it is not going to come undone. It comes in several mounts, depending which system you use-Nikon, Canon, Fuji X, Pentax,Sony A and Sony E, and Micro 4/3.
I am so glad this was invented-it is something every photographer needs.
Available in NYC at Adorama, B & H and Amazon
By Debra L. Rothenberg