Justin Vivian Bond

Justin Vivian Bond, had 7 shows in March at Joe’s Pub. March 17th is the final show.
Mx. Justin Vivian Bond, is an American singer-songwriter, author, painter, performance artist and actor. 
Mx. Bond was smitten by Judy Collins, long ago. Mx. Bond considers Judy Collins to be a spiritual guide and teacher. 
Judy Collins covered many songwriter’s songs…like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Sandy Denny, Jacque Brel and more. Under the Influence, the name of the show, is an evening of songs from these artists. 
Mx. Bond lit up the stage with a breathtaking voice, and an impressive stage presence.
In addition, Mx. Bond’s dark, humorous, stories were completely entertaining. 
I was happy to go back for a 2nd show knowing that it would be a similar evening which it was but also completely different. 
Musical Direction: Matt Ray
Guitar: Nath Ann Carrera
Violin: Claudia Chopek

Photos and Review by Jamie Kalikow