Hazmat Modine

Hazmat Modine, played to a packed house of devoted fans at Le Poisson Rouge on Saturday, February 1, 2020. The performance was the much anticipated release of HM’s latest cd, “Box of Breath”, co-written by its leader/singer, Wade Schuman and band member, Erik Della Penna.

The name, Hazmat Modine, is the combination of the abbreviation for “hazardous materials” and a reference to the industrial Modine space heater. Their sound, basically blues, but is described by Wade as “an American roots band incorporating many sounds and influences from all over the world, from the diaspora that makes up the DNA of American music: African, Asian, Caribbean, Klezmer, Gypsy and NOLA with blues at its core”.

Throughout the evening, the audience was energized by the music of “Box of Breath”, and the showcasing of Hazmat Modine’s talented members on solos. Many fans were there all night long to experience the music of Hazmat Modine. They clapped, laughed, sang and danced to the sounds of this very diverse and unique band. Their instruments include: trumpet, tuba, saxophone, clarinet, trombone, harmonica, banjo, violin, guitar and drums.

Band Members: Wade Schuman: harmonica, penny whistle, zamponia, guitar and co-songwrier; Erik Della Penna: guitar, vocals, banjo and co-songwriter; Joseph Daley: tuba; Patrick Simard: drums and vocals; Pam Fleming: trumpet; Reaut Regev: trombone; Steve Elson: sax, clarinet and flutes; Charlie Burnham: fiddle; Special Guest: Balla Kouyate and his band from Mali.

Photos and review by Maria Passannante-Derr.

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