OK, I admit it; I am a slave to a charming small venue. And one of my current musical obsessions happens to be electro-swing. So when I saw the promo for a gala performance that combined both a great, intimate venue and a hot band I jumped at the chance to go. 

For those of you who don’t know electro-swing is a genre that combines either vintage or modern swing and jazz with hip-hop, house or electronic dance music (or all three for the ambitious). It seems to be more popular in Europe but it is getting more play in the US lately. 

Last night’s outdoor performance by French electro swing band Ginkgoa at the gorgeous West Kortright Centre in East Meredith, NY (between Delhi and Oneonta) was nirvana for me. It even made the long drive to get there and back seem well worth it. The band kept the crowd clapping and dancing for hours. 

Ginkgoa is a talented group of people led by Nicolle Rochelle and Antoine Chatanet. The vintage/funky/infectious beats rocked the tent. I literally was physically unable to stay in my seat. They are super fun and very upbeat. Following in the footsteps of electro-swing heavy weights like Caravan Palace they are poised to take over the scene.  

Photo and Review by Carol Seitz