Get The Led Out at The Palladium Times Square

Get The Led Out at The Palladium Times Square

GTLO has arrived and they are hot as ever!!!! GTLO brings you the studio sounds of the Mighty Zep, unlike any band out there.  These lovers of the matchless LED ZEPPELIN, bring their love of that music to the stage and anyone there is transported to a time when the Mighty Zep was in its infancy.  Songs like MOBY DICK, GOING TO CALIFORNIA, BLACK DOG, THE LEMON SONG, WHOLE LOTTA LOVE, and the timeless STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN are brought to life and you are magically transported to a magical time. 

GTLO’s performance at the Palladium Times Square is led off by the powerful voice of Paul Sinclair whose ability to hit those notes just the way Robert Plant did back in the day is something truly to behold as well as be heard.  The rest of the band are chock full of multi-talented musicians whose sole purpose is to bring the sound of Led Zeppelin to the masses and keep that legend alive and well in the minds of those who were fortunate enough to see Led Zeppelin live and enlighten those who are now being made aware of the greatness that Led Zeppelin had and still holds in the hearts of Led Zeppelin fans everywhere.  A special guest appearance by Shannon Conley was special as she sang with Paul Sinclair and brought everyone a special dose of prime Roc and Roll.

GTLO’s members are Paul Sinclair-Vocals, Paul Hammond – Electric and Acoustic Guitars and Madolin, Tommy Zamp – Electric and Acoustic Guitars and Vocals, Phil D’Agostino – Electric Bass and Vocals, Adam Ferraioli – Drums, Eddie Kurek – Keyboards, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals and Percussion.

The band’s talents stretch far beyond just a tribute band.  This band is dedicated to being the best at what they do.  From Paul’s lead voice, Paul Hammond’s talents on guitars and definitely Adam Ferraioli’s talent on the drums would make Zeppelin’s John Bonham proud indeed.  

This band is worthy of being checked out time and time again.  Personally, for me, I will make every effort to catch them any and every time they are within earshot.

Photos and Review by Ray Aponte