Friends of the Brothers

Friends of the Brothers at the Cutting Room 6/17/21.

There was a tremendous amount of energy at The Cutting Room tonite as Friends of the Brothers took the stage. The talented band members, who have all played with members of the Allman Brothers through the years, were on fire the entire night. They played the last show before the Covid-19 shut down and the first one as we all emerge on the other end. The joy of being able to experience live music fueled the party-like atmosphere as most audience members danced in their seats or in the aisles. The band was also having fun and slipping in lots of quotes, including a little Christmas spirited “Joy to the World.” The nod was fun and somewhat appropriate because it was a very festive night!

The Musicians:
Junior Mack – Guitar, Vocals
Andy Aledort – Guitar, Vocals
Alan Paul – Guitar, Vocals
Dave Diamond – Drums
Lee Finkelstein – Drums
Mike Katzman – Piano
Craig Privett – Bass
Brandon “Taz”Niederauer – Guitar

Setlist: Statesboro, Ain’t Wasting Time, Come and Go Blues, Melissa, Midnight Rider, Revival, Can’t Lose What You Never Had, Blue Sky, Dream, Liz Reed, Jessica

Photographs and Review by Fredda Gordon.