Dennis DeYoung

Dennis DeYoung 40th Anniversary Grand Illusion Tour

Warner Theatre – Washington DC

When I had the opportunity to see Dennis DeYoung and his band performing the 40th Anniversary Grand Illusion Tour at the Warner Theater in Washington DC I jumped at the chance. No matter that it was merely a month since I’d last had the pleasure of watching them perform at Bergen PAC in NJ. I was equally as enthused to hear DeYoung’s still beautifully powerful voice singing the iconic songs of Styx, as well as the incredibly talented vocals and guitar playing of his band members, August Zadra and Jimmy Leahey. Zadra and Leahey remain a perfect rock and roll duo to bring to life the spirit and energy of the Styx music that was created 40+ years ago, by DeYoung and his original Styx band. It is obvious that these gentleman love the music, thoroughly enjoy performing, and have a wonderful connection to the man at the root of it all. Throughout the evening audience members sang along, swayed in their seats, or were up on their feet.  Upon exiting the theater I spoke with an enthused couple who has followed Dennis DeYoung and the band for years. Thrilled as usual with DeYoung’s performance they spoke with added enthusiasm about the talent and skill of August Zadra (who sings lead on the songs originally sang/played by Styx’s Tommy  Shaw.) “We saw August play with the band about 6 years ago and he was really good then. Now….he is amazing. He is actually better than Tommy Shaw!” Now THAT is a compliment I’m sure Zadra would be proud to hear.  It is obvious DeYoung knows he’s found a winning band, not only in Zadra and Leahey, but in all of his band members.  And, it is something that anyone who attends a Dennis DeYoung performance with have the pleasure of experiencing as well.

Photos by Rebecca Wolf