Andy Timmons and Travis Larson

What do you get when you have Travis Larson and Andy Timmons on the same bill? You have an amazing night of great music and heavy guitars. This is what took place on the stage at the Iridium tonight, and there was not a single person who wanted to go home. 

Andy Timmons started his career as a guitarist with Danger Danger and toured the world. He had several number one videos and is known as one of the best guitarists around.Along with drummer Mitch Marie and bassist Mike Daane, this trio will leave you begging for more.

Travis Larson opened up and along with drummer Dale Moon and bassist Jennifer Young, they were the perfect mix of great music. Ms. Young is a terrific bass player and she is even a photographer, having had her own book of images of what she has captured on the road.

The Iridium is the perfect venue to see a show-there is not a bad seat in the place and the sound is incredible. Add this venue to your list of “musts” for seeing some great music live in New York City.

Photos and Review by Debra L. Rothenberg.