Amos Lee and Bailen

At first glance, you wonder about the hand painted sign that reads “BAILEN”.  The people on the stage at Bergen PAC in Englewood, NJ are quietly setting up a few instruments, checking the guitar and the drums and they saunter off.                 The opening act is due to come on and the announcer greets the audience and introduces “BAILEN”. From their very first note the small combo made up of three individuals who are in fact, “BAILEN” a family named band of siblings, starting with JULIA on guitar and vocals, DANIEL on bass and vocals, and DAVID on drums and vocals.Their sound is a hypnotic blend of three-part harmonies that tug at your heartstrings with songs like “I Believe”, “Something Tells Me”, and “I Was Wrong”.  

      This group of siblings are definitely headed in the right direction. Sibling rivalry??? Not in this group.  

After BAILEN’S opening set, the next act that came on was AMOS LEE.  Amos’ blend of funk, rock and soul leaves no doubt that this artist has honed his craft with much success.  His soulful melodies evoke visions of Bill Withers and with a funky soul sound with a twang of country western.  To say that Amos lee loves his music is an understatement.  When singing, he often closes his eyes as though he were singing to one special person but actually draws the audience in and makes them a part of that experience.  

As he sings, he often will dance and move to the music and lets the audience know how much he appreciates performing for them.  


Photos and Review By Ray Aponte