AJR in Munich,Germany

On Friday, October 14, 2022, AJR were guests at the fantastic boho location Theaterfabrik in Munich. 

Die-hard fans will know what the name of the band “AJR” stands for: They are the initials of the Met brothers, namely Adam, Jack and Ryan. Together they have been making earworm-worthy, upbeat, sometimes quiet and sometimes loud indie pop since 2012 and have thus earned themselves a loyal audience over the years. They are now among the top 500 most played artists on Spotify. Actually, a big tour was planned for 2021, but when it had to be cancelled, they thankfully decided against lazily sitting around and instead used the time in the studio. The result is their latest album, “OK Orchestra.” In a time when it is not always easy to maintain optimism, the Met brothers sing on it about the small victories of everyday life. A big victory will certainly be the European tour, on which AJR will go in 2023.

Review and Photos by Sophie Neudert


Instagram: sophie_at_the_camera