If I had a time machine, what would be the first year I would go back to? Hands down it would be 1987-The Year of the Snake. Well it was really the rabbit,( but that’s between you and me). Well I got my wish tonight for two hours, in Sayreville NJ. 

  Whitesnake landed in support of the new album “Flesh and Blood” coming out this Friday May 10th. They played a 14 song set list chuck full of hits. Hits such as “Here I go again”, “Is this love” and “In the still of the night” and great new tunes-“Shut up and kiss me” “Hey you’, and “Trouble is your middle name” The great David Coverdale leads this 6 man band that includes Reb Beach, Tommy Aldridge, Joel Hoekstra, Michael Devin, and Michele Luppi and they blew the roof off the Starland Ballroom tonight. The mix of old and new songs really flowed nicely. We also got treated to a guitar duel between Reb and Joel. Trading face melting guitar solos back and forth with each other-it was really something to see, and hear. 

    Tonight in Sayreville. I went back to a time…where music dominated the tv, radio, and movies. I smiled thinking about it and for two hours I smiled!!  “Music is Life”

Photos and Review by Tony Andolfi