The Killers

The Killers at Toyota Center in Houston, TX on May 14, 2023.

When a man who appeared to be a doctor walked out on stage at showtime and The Killers were nowhere to be seen, worry swept across the arena. What’s happening? The man informed the crowd that he was the band’s doctor and he had news. “Don’t shoot the messenger,” he said. Uh oh. Now I was really worried.

Then he said the last thing any of us wanted to hear, “The Killers tested extremely positive….” He paused. My heart dropped. The crowd gasped. The man let the anticipation build before finishing his sentence. ” For rock and roll,” he yelled.

Then, the lights went out and the band stepped on stage. The crowd went absolutely berserk. Their opening alone was a rollercoaster of emotions.

The band opened with “My Own Soul’s Warning,” a track about frontman, Brandon Flowers’, struggle with his faith. It was the perfect song to open up their show. It started off slow and then BAM! Confetti everywhere!

Flowers brought two young fans up on stage to play drums and bass during “For Reasons Unknown,” and they did not miss a beat. The fans impressed both the crowd and the band.

Before playing “Runaway Horses,” a track from their quarantine album, “Pressure Machine,” Flowers said he knew a lot of people wouldn’t like this album, but Texas would, and he was absolutely right. “Runaway Horses” is a beautiful acoustic guitar song played a little more than halfway through the set. This song gives fans a chance to sit, rest their feet, and really take it all in. The Killers put on a beautiful show both sonically and visually, so there’s a lot to take in.

Of course, the Killers closed the show with their legendary track, “Mr. Brightside.”

The Killers went above and beyond to make it up to Houston, Texas for all the show cancellations. Every fan left the show with a free poster and a full heart. The show was more than worth the wait.

Review by Victoria Paige Flournoy.
Photo Credit – Chris Phelps | @chrisphelps, Courtesy of The Killers.