Switchfoot & Alana Springsteen – The Wellmont Theater – Montclair, NJ

Switchfoot & Alana Springsteen – The Wellmont Theater – Montclair, NJ – October 18, 2023

Review & Photos by Lori Schneider (IG: @LoriSchneiderPhotography)

Switchfoot, 90s American rock band from San Diego, brought The Beautiful Letdown 20th Anniversary Tour to the Wellmont Theater marking the 20th anniversary of their 2003 triple-platinum album, The Beautiful Letdown. The album performed in its entirety (not in the same song order) marked a significant turning point in the band’s career, propelling them into mainstream success. Some of the standout tracks from this album included chart topping hits, “Meant To Live” and “Dare You To Move”.

Switchfoot consists of Jon Foreman (lead vocals, guitar), Tim Foreman (bass), Jerome Fontamillas (keys, guitar) and Chad Butler (drums). Through their unique blend of emotionally intelligent and uplifting brand of alternative rock, Switchfoot has earned a devoted and loyal global fan base. Switchfoot’s music is characterized by catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a dynamic blend of rock and pop elements. They often incorporate themes of faith, self-discovery, and personal struggles into their songs. They touch on universal themes of hope, love, and personal growth, making their music relatable to a wide range of listeners.

Switchfoot is known for their energetic and passionate live performances. They have a strong connection with their audience which was evident on this night as Jon walked down off the stage scaling the pit barrier jumping into the crowd. Meandering his way through the crowd, he made it to the upper level of the theater surprising the fans wondering where he went. This displayed his personal connection with the audience and appreciation for all. He even serenaded a young couple holding up a sign that they were getting married in 3 days. He parted the crowd and played “Twenty-Four” for them as they danced their last dance as an engaged couple. The band performed a 15-song set with a 2-song encore opening with “Ammunition” and ending with “Where I Belong” with a few fan requests in between.

Switchfoot can be found online at www.switchfoot.com and on Instagram @switchfoot.

Opening support for Switchfoot was Alana Springsteen (no relation to the Boss) who was celebrating her 23rd birthday. A Nashville-based singer-songwriter who recently made her anticipated debut as a three-part album. Her first installment is Twenty Something. Songs from this album performed included “Twenty Something”, “You Don’t Deserve a Country Song”, “Look I Like”, “Goodbye Looks Good On You” and “Here’s To All My Exes”. Also performed was a special mashup of The Middle/Still The One/Landslide/Livin’ On A Prayer/Dare You to Move.

Noted as being “one of Nashville’s most buzzworthy emerging artists,” her performance showcased her classic female voice with songs representing that twenty-something angst. Raw and straightforward in her lyrics, her connection to her fans was evident. She is definitely one to watch as she seems to prove just why E! News called her “one of Nashville’s most buzzworthy emerging artists”.

Alana can be found online at www.alanaspringsteen.com and on Instagram @alanaspringsteen.