Squeeze’s Argy Bargy album was one of many UK band records that I knew every note from back in the 80’s, so when the chance to shoot and review Difford, Tilbrook & Co.  30+ years later, I was uncertain.

Would they be like so many of the acts from the 80’s and earlier; bereft of both original members and any sort of vocal range? I was very pleasantly greeted by a super-tight band that fit well with the two principles.

They played a combination of new and old tunes. Surprisingly, I thought the newer material (music I was truly unfamiliar with) sounded as good if not better than the classic hits I remember from my youth.

In addition to the fine performances by Squeeze and the two openers, KT Tunstall and The Mavericks (see separate gallery for photos), the historic Tanglewood venue, summer home to the Boston Symphony Orchestra was a delight to experience. The sound and lighting were fantastic, the staff (mostly volunteers) were friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere was relaxed and laid back.

Squeeze continues on tour in the USA through the end of September before continuing to play through the fall in the UK.

Photos and Review by Jeff Ross