Spotlight on … Songbird

Songbird is an extremely talented 23 year old singer/songwriter who has loved music since she could remember. She was always singing, especially when her dad would play his guitar. At the age of 7 she took classical piano lessons, along with vocal lessons, and started performing recitals. In her younger teen years she was in many different bands and competed often. When she turned 15 she wrote her first song about her long time boyfriend called “Till I Lose You.” It’s about never taking him, or their love, for granted. Something about that song, which is still popular among her groupies, made her realize that this is what she was born to do. Songbird attended college a few years later, but felt lost and nothing she was doing felt right. She would go into a practice room and work on her own music and found it was the only way she could really show how she was feeling. Her hard work paid off and her current team from Tennessee found her on Instagram, a lifetime wish realized. She continues to work hard and will always put her music first. She also writes to speak to others and inspire them to be who they want to be.

Songbird possess a mature, compelling voice with emotional expression, range, and control, well beyond her years. Check out her music here:

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