Music and Revolution: Greenwich Village in the 1960’s

If you were lucky enough to have been born during a certain time, you were lucky to be able to see such pioneers of the Greenwich Village Music Scene in the 1960s in person.  If you weren’t born yet, you had a chance to see some other pioneers singing and telling stories of those times. Richard Barone made all this happen by calling on some of his personal friends and musicians to put on an amazing night consisting of 3 straight hours of great stories and songs during Music and Revolution: Greenwich Village in the 1960’s at the Central Park Summerstage. There was so much great music from this era that these musicians could have played all night, but unfortunately there was a 10pm curfew. 

John Sebastian, Jesse Colin Young, Melanie, José Feliciano, Maria and Jenni Muldaur, Marshall Crenshaw, Jeffrey Gaines, Nellie McKay, David Amram,  The Kennedys, Tammy Faye Starlite, music journalist and author Anthony DeCurtis, Cindy Lee Berryhill, Steve Addabbo,  Elvis Perkins, and Syd Straw delighted the crowd and held off any hint of rain. Under the stars and high humidity in New York City, this wonderful group of musicians made everyone feel like they were out for an evening with a few thousand of their best friends, enjoying a wonderful evening of songs and stories from a very important time of our musicial history.


Review and Photographs by Debra L. Rothenberg