Metal Allegiance-House of Blues Anaheim, Ca.

Metal Allegiance

House of Blues Anaheim, Ca.

This was definitely a not to be missed event. Celebrating their 10th anniversary heavy metal supergroup Metal Allegiance unleashed a pulverizing adrenaline flowing performance. Over the years they play occasional concerts with a large number of rotating diverse players and singers. The two hour energetic set was a collaboration of heavy metal’s most notable performers making it an absolutely amazing unforgettable experience!


The Accuser
Bound By Silence
Can’t Kill the Devil
Gift of Pain
(Ozzy Osbourne cover)
Rapid Fire
(Judas Priest cover)
Wrecking Crew
(Overkill cover)
Wake Up Dead
(Megadeth cover)
Liars & Thieves
Let Darkness Fall
Mother of Sin
Kill the King
(Rainbow cover)
The Preacher
(Testament cover)
Blood and Thunder
(Mastodon cover)
(Anthrax cover)
Pledge of Allegiance
Damage, Inc.
(Metallica cover)
Damage Case
(Motörhead cover)
Iron Maiden
(Iron Maiden cover)

Review and Photos by Todd Herczeg