Marc Delgado-Cedar Beans Coffee Joint, Cedar Grove, NJ

Marc Delgado – 5/7/22 

Cedar Beans Coffee Joint, Cedar Grove, NJ

Review & Photos – Rebecca Wolf

Every once in a while, while scrolling on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, I find a gem. It could be a podcaster, a comedian, a musician. But, suddenly I discover an individual who makes me want to learn more about them and delve into their body of work. In this instance the gem I discovered on Instagram was Marc Delgado. Delgado is a singer-songwriter who hails from Woodstock, NY. In August 2021 he released his album Wildwood Road and in March 2022 he released Live @ Pete’s Candy Store recorded in Brooklyn, NY.  

From the moment you hear Delgado’s voice it grabs your attention and draws you in. Delgado is a storyteller not only in his written words but in how he delivers them. The dimensions in his voice reflect a sense of peace and tranquility one moment and passion and pain in another. Listening to Delgado sing it’s easy to get lost in the layers of his voice. It’s from a past filled with challenges and overcome hurdles that Delgado has written the beautifully soulful and self-reflective Wildwood Road. Wildwood Road’s wonderfully simple acoustic guitar melodies are a perfect accompaniment for his textured voice and emotion-filled words. 

On May 7th I had the opportunity to hear Delgado play live at Cedar Bean’s Coffee Joint in Cedar Grove, NJ. Cedar Beans has the feel of a lodge, with its faux fireplace, wood panels and comfy seating areas; a perfect location to listen to a singer-songwriter playing acoustic guitar. Delgado’s voice was equally as warm and dynamic when performed live, as the recorded version. As Wildwood Road is a vehicle for Delgado’s self-expression, it felt perfectly suited for him to continue in this vein and share truths about himself and the origins of his songs. Delgado’s “realness” is a significant part of his music and what makes him the wonderful storyteller that he is. Every one in a while you find a gem online…and I did. Let me introduce you to Marc Delgado.