Linda Chorney “When I Sing” Movie Premiere

The town of Atlantic Highlands, NJ rolled out the red carpet for musician Linda Chorney and the premiere of her movie, “When I Sing” on June 20. Linda is an Award winning filmmaker, author, singer-songwriter who made history by being the first independent artist to get nominated for Best Americana Album in 2012 without a manager, label, or publicist.

“When I Sing’ is FANTASTIC! The smile didn’t leave my face once, even when there were tears flowing down my cheeks. Linda is talented, funny, loving, warm and just simply amazing.  When you meet Linda, you are INSTANTLY drawn to her. Her group of actors, friends, and fans have become an extended family with one another. 

“When I Sing” is the story of her struggles to make it as a singer. It shows how she met her loving husband, Scott A Fadynich while playing out in Colorado, only to discover that she had all her belongings in a storage place off the Garden State Parkway in NJ–the same exit that Scott took to get to his home . She may not be a household name (yet), but she gives her all every single time and never gives up, never quits. There are some scenes that ANYONE who is a creative person struggling to find their way with their craft will understand and hold dear, and relate to. When she sings at Fenway Park-her dream, you want to stand up and cheer…and that is exactly what the audience -they stood and cheered.

Go see this docu-drama. You will laugh and cry and laugh more, and tap your feet to Linda’s songs..and fall in love with this amazing, talented woman.