Jose Feliciano-City Winery NYC

June 12,2022 NEW YORK – Jose Feliciano: Multi talented musician,singer and composer performed at City Winery in New York City .
Jose Feliciano is best known for his Christmas hit “Feliz Navidad ” and his cover of  ‘The Doors’, “Light My Fire”. He lit up the stage with his performance on Sunday night. With his humble nature and great sense of humor ,had the crowd enjoying his music and stories, which he told in-between songs. Mr. Feliciano’s career, spanning 60 plus years of performing, made for one great show. His style of music is a blend of Latin, Jazz, Blues, Soul, and Rock. His unique sound comes from his acoustic guitar. 

He will be back at City Winery on Wednesday Aug 3. Get your tickets here:

Photos and Review by Bruce Cotler