Outside Central Park, on 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue, on a beautiful,  spring  morning, the sound of a roaring crowd could be heard from Rumsey Field. Inside, at the temporarily, constructed outdoor stage, the  Good Morning America Summer Concert Series featured Andrew Hozier Bryne a/k/a/a Hozier, the Irish Alternative/Indie Rock  musician, performing in this, his currently 2018/2019 North American Tour,  promoting his latest album , “Wasteland Baby”. His style, reminiscent of a poetic troubadour, is  rooted in R & B, Soul, gospel and blues, ranging from very soothing to provocative. His set list included original songs, “Almost (Sweet Music)” and “Movement”  from “Wasteland Baby”. This album also includes the compelling, “Nina Cried Power”, Hozier’s homage to his personal hero, the late, great Nina Simone. As the morning sun gradually enveloped the crowd, Hozier treated his fans to his  original breakout hit  “Take Me To The Church” that  has since achieved international,  multi-platinum status as well as  “Dinner and Diatribes.”

Hozier will be appearing in a series of performances in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom in November. Get your tickets now. It will be a sold out show. 2018/2019 Band Members: Andrew Hozier Bryne, lead vocals, guitar, writer, composer; Alex Ryan, Bass, keyboards vocals; Rory Doyle, drums;  Suzanne Santo, fiddle, guitar, vocals; Cormac Currran, organ, keyboard, vocals, percussion; Rachel Beauregard, back up vocals, percussion; Kristen Rogers, vocal, backup, percussion, keyboard; Thardii, keyboard, vocals.

Photos and Review By Maria Passannante-Derr