Counting Crows and Dashboard Confessional-Smart Financial Centre-Sugarland, TX

Counting Crows and Dashboard Confessional

Smart Financial Centre

Sugarland, TX

August 19, 2023

Victoria Paige Flournoy

Counting Crows and Dashboard Confessional played at the Smart Financial Centre in Sugarland, Texas on August 19, 2023.

Dashboard Confessional opened up the show and by the end of their set, they had everyone in the crowd on their feet and dancing.

Adam Duritz, frontman of Counting Crows, introduced Dashboard Confessional as his favorite band and they did not disappoint. 

They opened up their set with a Dashboard classic, “Don’t Wait.”

“Burning Heart” is the only song off their new album that made it to the setlist. Its definitely one of my favorite songs off of “All The Truth That I Can Tell,” and it sounded heavenly live.

They closed their set with one of their most well-known songs “Hands Down.” Chris Carrabba, frontman of Dashboard, introduced this song as “a song about the best day ever.” And so it was.

Next up, Counting Crows. They opened up their portion of the show with “Sullivan Street.”

Then they played “Mr. Jones.” This song got the audience amped up and out of their seats.

After playing “Colorblind,” Duritz congratulated a couple on getting engaged. He introduced their next song, “Butterfly in Reverse,” as a song that is “much more romantic” and he encouraged the crowd to get engaged to this song instead.

During the encore, Counting Crows invited Dashboard Confessional back to the stage and they played “So Long, So Long,” a Dashboard Confessional song, together. How cool is that? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a headliner play a cover of a song by the opening band.    

Counting Crows closed out the show with “Holiday in Spain.”

Counting Crows is a very enthusiastic band with a very enthusiastic audience. Everyone was kind and respectful to each other and to the band. Also, Duritz is a really witty guy. If he wasn’t in Counting Crows I would encourage him to try doing stand-up.