Bono-“Stories of Surrender” At The Beacon Theatre, NYC

 On a bright, sunny spring day in New York City, lines of people are going up and down 74th and 75th street.  People of all ages are asking me “what are you on line for.” Only one word is needed, and everyone says oh ok I get it.  It’s Tuesday May 9that 2:30 in the afternoon, inside the legendary Beacon Theatre. A special free fan club performance is about to take place. The lights go down, and the theatre erupts with joy. I have been to this theatre many times for some very big musical performances, but today the noise when he walks on stage is deafening. In his patten black suit, blue sunglasses, and slicked hair. BONO takes the stage.

            “Stories of Surrender” an eight night residency at the Beacon. The U2 frontman’s solo show in support of his memoir “Surrender:40 Songs, One Show” This show was a special one, because you had to win tickets to get in, through U2’s fan club. This performance was also being filmed. Bono kicked off the show with “City of Blinding Lights” and it was awesome. For the next hour and a half, he would go through U2’s catalog-telling stories and jokes about how the songs came about, and where he was physically and emotionally. Since the show was being filmed, he had asked for a lot of crowd participation which was awesome because you felt like his backup singers. There were a lot of tearful moments of the show for me. Two songs in particular-“October” And “Iris.” October how that song came about and how it affected them as a band-with the help of a harpist, and cellist. It was not only haunting but now you know what he was thinking as he wrote the lyrics.  Iris was next-  A song about his mom. Bono’s voice on this song was so strong,  powerful and full of emotion. It was the highlight for me.

     Bono ran through the show, and then stopped for an hour so they can switch up the cameras to a different view. He then ran the show again with some extra songs not performed in the regular show. I’m going to keep that to only the people that were in attendance. Hopefully, he will use the extra footage in the film. New York City holds a special place in Bono’s heart.

It was one of the New York experiences  you’ll  “NEVER” forget. “Oh, you look so beautiful tonight In the city of blinding lights”!!

Review by Tony Andolfi.