Bandits On The Run and Friends-Mercury Lounge, NYC

Bandits On The RunMercury Lounge NYC

 A Monday night in the East Village and aside from the tourists walking the streets checking out the sites, those in the know were doing something else entirely.  Everyone at the Mercury Lounge on Houston was abuzz with anticipation of Bandits On The Run and what would prove to be a very surprising evening of songs made popular by this trio consisting of three lead singers, Adrian Enscoe on guitars, Sydney Shepherd on vocals and Cello and Regina Strayhorn on vocals and “SqueezeBox” (accordion) and various toy instruments.  

     This evening was started off by this trio bringing their Brooklyn based genre bending music coupled with fabulous harmonies, and a performance style that borders on theatrical complete with anecdotes and semi biographical stories.  To say that this group is entertaining is a huge understatement to be sure.  Being my first time actually seeing them live, I was tremendously surprised and angry with myself for not seeing them before this nite.  A situation that will be remedied by countless future sitings to be sure.  

     At any rate, let me tell you that Bandits On The Run came with a deep sense of “Lets Do This”!!! And they did and then some.  They sang songs that made everyone in attendance hoop and holler, laugh a bit, cry a bit and then start it all over again.  They took breaks and let some of their friends fill in with a few choice songs by Elori Ward, John Gallagher Jr., and an ensemble hootnanny of sorts and they did it in style.  The musicality of this group of artists left no musical stone unturned to be sure and they gave the crowd there a rare and memorable treat for a Monday. Next time when you hear that Bandits on The Run are in town, run and get yourself a ticket.  I know I will.

Review and Photos by Ray Aponte