Well, the crowd at Brooklyn Paramount was definitely in the mood for Amos Lee and it showed when he finally came on stage. It was a welcome home kinda feel as the audience erupted with applause at his entrance and he started singing. Amos has always had a genre bending style to his singing and tonite was no different as he sang his soulful, bluesy, folksy way into everyone’s heart with iconic songs like “Keep It Loose, Keep It
Tight”, “Flower”, “In The Arms Of A Woman”, and the ever favorite, “Windows Are Rolled Down”.
Amos does not disappoint when it comes to entertaining and he always shares the limelight and tonite he certainly shared it with just about every band member on his big hit “In The Arms of A Woman”as his bass player, his drummer, and his lead guitarist took a verse in this all-time favorite. Gotta say, they had major chops when it came to singing their individual parts. This was a very multi-talented group of players. The talent in this team is vast, with their vocal talents as well as their musicianship.
Amos Lee came to play and so did his players. The entire band was a powerhouse of musical talent. His backup guitarist, Amanda Ferrari was a major force during the entire set as she shredded on her guitar like a veteran rockstar and also supplied some killer vocals as well. His other guitarist Zack Djanikian supported Amos with back up guitar, vocals, mandolin and on one of the songs came on with an impressive saxophone solo that left the audience in awe. Solomon Royale Dorsey was the bassist with strong vocalswhile playing his equally impressive upright bass. Drumming the entire time was Lee James Falco with equally strong vocals during the collective singing of “In The Arms of A Woman”. A major talent and force in the band was Jaron Olevsky-Abercrombie on the keyboards and who according to Amos Lee has “A Shit Ton of Work on the Arrangements” of the set.
This concert was one for the books as I discovered another artist in the opener with Julia Pratt. Julia came on as a solo artist playing an impressive set of original songs on her keyboards and guitar. Julia’s vocal range and personality lit up the stage with her vocals as well as entertaining banter with the audience. She was well appreciated as was demonstrated by the applause she received after each of her songs. Definitely an artist to look out for in the future.
I’m always impressed with the lineup of acts that Amos Lee brings to the stage. He looks for people with something to say and its as though he’s a mentor and looks for a way to support fellow artists along their musical journey. Amos Lee gives a good show and definitely gives it forward with the people he surrounds himself with and introducesto the world at large. A great artist and human being whose every song is heartfelt and leaves an impression on the souls and hearts of those within earshot.

Review and Photos by Raymond Aponte