Blue Eyed Sons

 Blue Eyed Sons – On The Rocks, Helsinki on 26.1.2019
Blue Eyed Sons
Blue Eyed Sons is a hard blues-rock band from Helsinki, Finland. It was
founded in 2012 and has performed live actively ever since and gained
strong reputation being wild, grooving and jamming live band. Their
music is influenced by blues, hard rock and psychedelic rock of the 60’s
and 70’s and bands like The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Black
Sabbath but has its own unique sound and approach.
Vocals – Joel Hellström, Guitar -Kimmo Erik Rauhanen, Bass – Aapo
Hanhiniemi, Drums – Skefe
1. Damnation Child
2. Steal Your Crown
3. Cold Blooded Men
4. Living Without Eyes
5. Liar
6. Bloodlust
7. Lonely Wolf
8. Witches