InFocusVisions Contributors

Sabrina Amoriello
I am a student based out of New York who has been studying the art of photography for almost a year now through school courses and on my own. I first started photographing musicians in June of 2018 starting off with K-Fest, a small festival in upstate New York. Since then I have been doing photography work in and around New York City with models, companies, and musicians to which I have explored much more of the art aside from just concert photography. I enjoy spending most of my time in the city either hanging around with the connections I have made through concert photography or just doing work alongside some amazing new people.


Ray Aponte
Ray Aponte is a born and bred New Yorker photographing the New York music scene. His passion is to capture those moments in a musical performance that draws the audience in. Over his long career in photography Ray has also photographed fashion, sports and editorial. Ray’s passion and insight into music translates easily into his photography.

Sharron Lee Crocker

Sharron Lee Crocker is a freelance photographer who is fascinated by parades and events in the New York City area and has been photographing them for the last 8-9 years.  She has also photographed the music and dance scene at Symphony Space, the Jazz Standard, Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, the Highline Ballroom and B.B. Kings.  In another life she spends much time in nature and photographs everything. Sharron specializes in long exposure shots of water and ice, and spends a great deal of time photographing birds and wildlife.


Darlene Cunnup 
Darlene Cunnup is a photographer living in Fort Mill, SC. She has photographed bands in SC, New York City, Pennsylvania, Greater LA area and Charlotte, NC since the 80’s.  Concert photography has always been a passion of Darlene’s, the energy, the music itself and the audience’s excitement drive her passion.  Every show is different and its a challenge to get great photos at some venues with lighting and access area but she loves a good challenge. Her photos have appeared in The Mill Magazine, in musicians tour guides, books and have been exhibited at the Loom Gallery in Fort Mill, SC,  WSOC Gallery in Charlotte,  NC and Libraries/galleries around Long Island, NY, and Pennsylvania.
When not photographing bands Darlene loves still life photography and travel/nature photography.
You can see her photos on blog


Fredda Gordon

Fredda Gordon, Rockstar Reporter and Photographer is excited to have co-founded this site and loves contributing as much as publishing and editing. She is grateful to be able to help promote hard working artists and the writers and photographers who contribute to make this a successful, volunteer, free endeavor. Fredda has been taking photographs for many years and loves shooting musicians on stage and off. Her long running project “Musicians Offstage” can be found on her website along with her other photographic journeys and video work. You can see these and learn more about Fredda at ….





Michalle Henderson

Passion! A word for all of us to live by. I don’t think one truly knows themselves until they experience the world and opportunities. Take for example the fact that I went to college for Accounting and took a simple elective class for photography. That moment and class changed my zest for life. While I was successful at Accounting, sitting behind a desk just didn’t answer my needs for excitement. For 20 years I have been dabbling in photography; Professional for 7 years and 2 years in Concert Photography. I’m a small business owner (Michalle Henderson Photography) as well as a Wife and Mother of 2 young adults.

Music and Traveling are personally my own escapes. I love all types of Music but Rock and Roll and Alternative are my favorites. Adelitas Way and Rick Springfield, are my two favorites. Yes, there is a huge gap between them but both of these bands changed and saved my life in so many ways. I enjoy Traveling. I fulfilled part of my bucket list when I traveled to Australia and have visited many states and countries but hope to cover them all at least once to see many more breath-taking sites. I seek thrill sports and adventure, I am not afraid to try anything once, twice if I like it. Concerts however, answers the combination of my interests of Music, Traveling and Photography, the high intensity and adrenaline rush I get every time the beat of the drum hits and I’m clicking a camera, well let’s just say I found MY PASSION! I hope you feel my passion as you take a journey through my eyes.


Linda Kessler

Born in Brooklyn, NY, she received her B.A. from Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY in 1975, and her M.Ed. from Northeastern University, Boston, MA in 1978. She attended the Art Students League from 1981 – 1988 and received her M.F.A. from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, in 1997. Ms. Kessler has lived in various countries including Brazil, Mexico, Italy, France and Spain. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn Heights, NY.



Melissa Lawlor

Melissa was born and raised in New Brunswick, NJ, constantly surrounded by creativity and music. She studied art and photography in college, dabbling in everything from drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking while spending most of her free time involved with music. Live concerts became her passion (first show was at age 13) and was usually found with a camera in her hand. She then became involved with local bands, working on photo shoots and designing artwork for them.

After receiving her BFA in graphic design, Melissa moved in the direction of publishing while always keeping an interest in photography. She currently lives in Freehold, NJ and works as a graphic artist for a medical publishing company. In the evening and on the weekends, she freelances with concert and event photography.


Caroline Moll

Caroline’s passion for photography was apparent from the moment she first held a camera as a child. She began truly pursuing it professionally as a student when her work was published for the first time within a local newspaper. She has spent the years since then growing as a photographer, exploring different styles and fields, working with talented content creators, and loving every second of it all.




Rose A Montana 
Rose A Montana has been interested in photography since childhood.  First owning an Eastman Kodak Brownie followed by Polaroid, Panasonic, Canon and SONY cameras, Rose now strives to document artists, venues and her surroundings. Several of Rose’s photos have won contests and have been published in a book, newspapers, a music CD, artist websites, and in magazines both hard copy and on line. While her main interests are concert and scenic photography and videography, one of her recognized abilities is writing. Montana’s writing skills became apparent when, in grade school, she won two poetry contests propelling her to be the editor of the high school newspaper. Rose continued as a reporter, reviewer and assistant editor of several publications. Now retired from New York State and living oceanside in the heart of the music scene of New Jersey, it is Rose’s passion to continue to write and shoot. 
Dave Nardiello

Dave likes to joke… During the Day, he sells drugs (legally) and at night he shoots rock and roll, Life is good! Dave is a freelance live events and concert photographer and the current house photographer at The Space in Westbury, Long Island. Having been a concert lover and photographer his whole life landing the house job at the Space led to opportunities he only once dreamed of. He often says….“Access is everything.” He has the unique ability to capture the emotion between artists and their audience that make the performance memorable. His goal is for the viewer to “feel” the performance through the lens. His Passion for concert photography has led to still photography work in other areas including: independent film, Portrait/studio work as well as landscape photography. His work can viewed @Davenard

Sophie Neudert

I´m taking pictures as long as I remember. I studied comparative literature. In summer 2018 I started taking photos at concerts since I love photography and I love music and I love people being on stages. I also work as an agency photographer and location scout and I write for a magazine. I do what I love – follow me on Instagram: sophie_at_the_camera. 



Kim Palumbo

Kim is a New Jersey-based photographer specializing in concert, portrait, and corporate photography. Her work has been featured in multiple exhibitions across the U.S. and publications such as, Variety, The Courier Post, and Urban Agenda Magazine. She has been a photojournalist for several online music sites including In Focus Visions and Shutter 16 Magazine.

A mild-mannered corporate geek by day; in the evenings she can usually be found in dark clubs and theaters from Philadelphia to Asbury Park lugging around entirely too much camera gear and not nearly enough protective hearing devices. She thrives on the inherent challenges of concert photography and enjoys experiencing the symbiotic relationship between musicians and their fans. For her, it’s not just about listening to the music, but feeling it in her very core. She hopes that her photography conveys this sense of wonder and exuberance. 

When she’s not busy writing about herself in the third person, Kim enjoys snuggling with her house panther, Henry “Bear” Rollins, and drinking white wine. She’s passionate about photography, plays well with others, and is just a hoot when she wants to be. Hire her and follow along on all the usual social sites @Backstage_Bettie.

Maria Passannante-Derr
Maria Passannante-Derr is a New York City and Asbury Park, N.J. based, live music/theatrical  photographer. See her work at and mariapd_photography (instagram).

Lydia Perez

Who am I?  Over the years I have learned that I am many things to many people.  I’m a Native New Yorker, born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen. By day I’m an executive for a Global Financial Institution and by night I am a Web Consultant/Designer that dabbles in Podcasting.  However, my Side Hustle and my HEART is PHOTOGRAPHY!  A tarot reader once told me that photography is my footing, it is what keeps me grounded and she was 100% right!  I am happiest and fulfilled with a camera in hand capturing moments that inspire, motivate and hopefully generates movement and feeling in you.


Saara Planting
Saara lives in Vantaa, Finland, Northern Europe. She is a data analyst during the week and a mother of a teenager. The rest of the time she is a gig photographer and that is where her heart lies.
Ace Mark (Bigelf, National Nightmare, Juniper Inc.) says “Saara’s pictures look great, I think that should be obvious for  anybody. But the thing that really fascinates me the most is that under  the surface, she’s somehow able to capture the moment; the movement and  the energy of the situation and pass that on her work. And that is a  true gift.”
Becky Porter

Becky Porter is a Central Indiana based photographer who combines her diverse love of music with her love for photography, shooting anything from country music to alternative and metal.  Her list of artists include Elle King, Skillet, Pop Evil, The Struts, Nikki Lane, John Moreland, as well as several local acts, & more!    

You can find her on Instagram @bporterphotog


Jeff Ross

I picked up a Kodak Instamatic as an 8-year-old in 1973. Yes, it was all about pressing one button while trying not to fidget, but it opened a door for me. By age nine, I learned how to use my father’s SLR; flash, interchangeable lenses, adjustments galore! It was heaven. After teen years spent shooting for school yearbooks and college years shooting bands, including Bruce Springsteen twice in the 1980’s, inexplicably, I put the camera away.

After buying a simple point-and-shoot for my first European trip in 2008, I started generating some good concert shots, eventually borrowing or renting better equipment. Through a friend, I had a chance to shoot The Gaslight Anthem in 2009. My shots were picked up the next day for a lengthy feature. Following that, I bought my own rig and continued to shoot concerts regularly in Canada, Europe, and the USA.

My pictures have been used in numerous books, magazines, album artwork, artist websites, and online publications. Select high-quality prints are available on my website.


Carl Roccia

Carl is a photographer out of the Philly area who has been immersing himself in his craft for the past 10 years and music photography especially. “It just sort of found me when my cousin asked me to photograph his band at a big club one night, I’ve been a sponge ever since”, soaking up all the info he could on lighting, angles, composition, lenses, access, networking, accolades and failure. “I have to challenge myself every day to be more creative, to get out of my comfort zone”. Photography is artistic life in the raw.





Debra L. Rothenberg is one of the Co-founders of InFocusVisions and works as a Photographer, Photo Editor, and Speaker. Her first book, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN IN FOCUS, PHOTOGRAPHS 1980-2012 hit book stores in October 2013. The Wall Street Journal said it was one of “the best photo books for fall” and The NY Daily News called it “amazing” and it was #2 on the Amazon best sellers list for several months. It won a first place IPPY Award at the Independent Publishers Book Awards Gala in late 2013. Her second book, “You Don’t Have to Be Purrrrfect,” published in 2015,is a humorous photographic book, featuring her two cats and will teach people that daydreaming is fun, friendship is important, and that it’s ok to be different.

Bruce Springsteen chose 2 of her images for the covers of his live CD’s: “Brendan Byrne Arena at The Meadowlands in New Jersey, 8/5/84” and “LA Sports Arena 1988.” One of her images appeared on six Bruce Springsteen official tour t-shirts for his 1999-2000 World Tour.

She has gone on assignment to Haiti and Peru for, an NGO the educates women and children on healthcare, education and bettering the lives of themselves and their children, and has led 3 photo tours to Cuba along with InFocusVisions co-founder Fredda Gordon.

Debra has lectured about her career across the United States at the Apple Store, colleges, major camera stores (Adorama, Unique Photo, Bergen Camera among others), Libraries, Mohegan Sun, Lincoln Center, and for Women’s and photography groups and is available to speak for any event related to photography, celebrity and concert photography, or focusing on following your dream to attain your goals. Debra provides an entertaining slide show, shares interesting stories on how to develop a shot, and she provides encouraging remarks for budding photographers or anyone beginning a creative endeavor. Debra is best known for her presentation on her journey photographing Bruce Springsteen for over three decades, how her career developed, and how photography has changed and evolved through the years, and the story behind the photos of an American icon.

Her photography has been distributed and exhibited worldwide in galleries, newspapers, magazines, books, CD covers, and many web sites.



Joe Russo
Joe Russo is a New York born and raised Photographer from Brooklyn, NY during the 70’s and 80’s and was immediately drawn to New York’s graffiti, music, and skateboard subcultures. It wasn’t until after he graduated from college with a BFA in 1995 that he decided on a career in photography. He taught himself to use a camera through trial and error…always on the relentless pursuit trying to capture the raw energy, beauty, and emotion of each of everything he shoots. Over the course of the last 20 years, he has shot some of the biggest names in the music, art, celebrity, and entertainment industry.
When he’s not shooting live music, you can find him shooting celebrity or entertainment related events. His work has appeared in many publications, national and international, and has also been featured inside many music artists cd’s.

Jini Sachse

Jini Sachse is a photographer living in New York City. Her love of photographing musicians  grew out of her lifelong love of The Rolling Stones. Jini studied photography at the International School for Photography in New York. Her photos have appeared in The Huffington Post and Burlington Now magazine, and been exhibited at Atlantic Gallery, Jadite Gallery, Queens Botanical Garden and Fountain House Gallery in New York, as well as Foto Foto Gallery in Huntington, NY, Arts Illiana Gallery in Terre Haute, IN, The St. Louis Artists’ Guild in MO, The 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, and Meseo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana, Cuba.

The fleeting nature of a musical performance is intriguing for Jini, and she attempts to catch such moments for posterity. Every performer is different, and every show has the unique potential to surprise and delight the audience. and Instagram: @jsoxy 


Joyce Sampson

Based out of Kansas City, Joyce is a Project Manager by day and a concert photography by night. At the age of 13, she picked up her sister’s lightly used Canon SLR and hasn’t stopped taking photos since. Self-taught, and in her early 20s, she took her love of capturing every day moments and her love of live music and finally put them together. Now almost 15 years later and armed with a desire to freeze a feeling in time, the way it was experienced by those present, displaying the passion and intimacy of the artist back out to the world, Joyce hops from venue to venue in search of her next best image. Photos at


Nick Scalera 
Nick Scalera has been working as a freelance photojournalist for the past 10 years covering high school and college sports, theater performances, community events and concerts for print and online media outlets in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. He is very fortunate to have met many great people and cover interesting events along the way. For the past 21 years, he has been employed as a middle school Computer Technology teacher and really enjoy working with creative and enthusiastic students.

Kristi Swango

Kristi Swango is a music photographer from the metro-Indianapolis area. She’s driven by a combined love for people and music, paired with her talent in photography. Kristi loves to capture the personality of the musicians and the energy of the crowd during concerts. Her work brings together vibrant colors with soft tones and shadows while drawing the viewer in to focus on the atmosphere captured through her lens. Kristi has photographed a wide range of concerts and musical styles including hip hop, pop, Americana, and rock n roll.




Onome Uyovbievbo

Based in San Francisco, Onome is a self-taught photographer who found her passion for concert photography. Using photography as her artistic outlet, she captures the energy and moments artist display on stage while engaging with the audience. When she is not capturing photos of artists, she works on her other passion as an IT professional. Photography has given her the opportunity to develop skills that have translated into her day-to-day work.

You can find her work at or



Jennie Walker

Jennie Walker is a photographer living in Portland, Maine. She’s currently dedicating her free time to taking photos of musicians across multiple states, soon to be countries. Having gone to concerts all her life, she became drawn to capturing the energy that radiates from musical performances. Professionally, she works in customer service and promotional marketing. You can find her on Instagram at @jennsw.jpg and at her website:


Rebecca Wolf

I have been an avid music enthusiast for as long as I can remember. Music fills my soul and I receive the greatest pleasure from experiencing instances of musical talent, skill and passion during live performances. Capturing these wondrous moments in my photography is a thrill for me at each and every show. I hope my viewers enjoy my results as much as I love the process.