The Love Hangover

The Love Hangover 20th Anniversary at Bowery Electric in NYC on February 15th. 
The subject matter had to be Love!
A benefit for Sounds of Saving, a nonprofit which seeks to use the connective and inspirational powers of music to alleviate depression, prevent suicide and reduce the stigma around these struggles.

Eszter Balint + Shilpa Ray, Bridget St. John + David Nagler, Cliff Westfall + Terry Radigan, Glenn Morrow + Mary Lee Kortes; Jenny Toomey + Franklin Bruno, Richard Baluyut + Laura Cantrell, Renée LoBue + Lenny Zenith, Adam Rubenstein + Gabrielle Sterbenz, Alison Tusick + Benjamin Cartel, Dave Foster + Rembert Block, Edward Rogers + Don Piper, Felice Rosser + deerfrance, Gary Burton + Lysa Opfer; Joanna Choy + Sam Brown, Richie Birkenhead + Adam Rubenstein, Carl Baggaley + Elizabeth Walsh, Lara Ewen + Karen Dahlstrom, Maxi Geil! & PlayColt, Mike Fornatale + Lizzie Edwards, Erica Smith + Tom Shad , Julian Maile + Verena Wiesendanger, Jessie Kilguss + Richard Alwyn, Tom Clark + Monica Passin, Franklin Bruno + Renee LoBue, Vic Thrill + Chris Campion, Dave Derby, and the aptly named Bytches with Flowers.

Photos by Jamie Kalikow