The Allman Betts Band

The Allman Betts Band
June 9, 2024

Review & Photos – Rebecca Wolf

On June 9th The Allman Betts Band played their final show of The King Crawler American Tour, with a powerful, opening by blues rock guitarist JD Simo and drummer Adam Abrashoff. From May 16th to June 9th the band traveled to 13 states and performed in 21 venues. While it might not have been a cross country tour, the knowledge that the band was going back on tour, after a 2 1/2 year hiatus, was welcome news to all followers of the band. During their time away devoted fans remained hopeful that the musicians were just on a short break (from one another) and would rejoin forces. This tour brought that hope into reality.

If the crowds at the multiple performances I attended were any indication, the theaters were packed with fans who were thrilled to see and hear these incredible musical artists, as well as to connect to Devon Allman and Duane Betts. Attend any performance of The Allman Betts Band and observe the crowd. What you will find is genuine respect and adoration for Allman and Betts. Those names will forever be connected to legends in the music industry, to the birth of a musical genre and to a beloved time that’s forever in the hearts and souls of those raised during that glorious era. Seeing this next generation is like opening a time capsule, bringing back comforting memories and feelings from a treasured time. What’s equally heartwarming is listening to the original music of The Allman Betts Band and experiencing the greatness they’ve inherited and cultivated, and rooting for their continued success.

Every Allman Betts set includes favorites from their two albums, as well as several beloved Allman Brothers numbers. On June 9th the performance included “Down to the River” and “River’s Run,” from their 2019 debut album, Down to the River, as well as “Magnolia River,” “King Crawler,” “Airboats & Cocaine,” “Pale Horse Rider” and “Savannah’s Dream,” from 2020’s Bless Your Heart. “Savannah’s Dream,” written by Duane Betts, is a phenomenal, extended instrumental piece, showcasing passionate guitar parts, and is reminiscent of the incredible instrumental pieces written by dad Dickey, like “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” which was performed that evening. This final performance included additional Allman Brothers songs, “Blue Sky” and “Melissa,” which had the audience members on their feet, lost in song, as they sang along with the band. Current band members of The Allman Betts Band include Johnny Stachela, slide guitar, John Lum, drums, John Ginty, keyboards, Justin Corgan, bass, and newest band member, drummer Alex Orbison. All in attendance left the show not only with broad smiles but with high hopes that this mini tour was the launching pad of more to come from The Allman Betts Band.