Ted Nugent-Arcada Theatre – St Charles IL

Ted Nugent-Arcada Theatre – St Charles IL

Adios MoFo “23! The Final Tour

August 14, 2023

Ted Nugent has always been a controversial artist for as long as I can remember. In his early days he dubbed himself The Motor City Madman. He has embraced  conservative agenda and uses the stage as his platform to spread the word to those with similar beliefs In short order he voiced his disdain for Chicago’s newly elected mayor for his crime policies, the Illinois governor for his attack on Second Amendment rights and of course the current administration in Washington. Most what was said, I don’t feel comfortable quoting verbatim here, but if there was any doubt in your mind as to how Ted feels about government officials, those doubts were put to rest. 

His “Adios MoFo ’23! The Final Tour” began in Florida in mid-July and has been playing to sold out crowds, with performances running 6 or 8 consecutive days at a time. This was his third sold performance in the Chicago Area in as many days and the second at the Arcada. I have to admit, curiosity got the better of me and when the opportunity presented itself to cover a show, I was all over it.

As is tradition, the performance opened with Ted playing the “Star Spangled Banner”. As is also a tradition at the Arcada Theater, Ron Onesti, the Venue owner joined Ted on stage holding the American Flag as Nugent played.

The evening progressed with “Gonzo”, then “Motor City Madhouse”. Ted changed guitars every few songs, interacted with the crowd throughout and tossed out more guitar picks into the crowd much to the delight of fans up front! When he played “Wang Dang Sweet Pootang” the crowd danced in the aisles. “Just what the Doctor ordered, Cat Scratch Fever and “Stranglehold” rounded out the set. “Come and Get It” referencing his pro Second Amendment stance ended with a three minute anti Biden chant. White Buffalo was the evening’s final selection. 

Is this really his final tour? I can’t say for certain but he seems to be having too much fun at this, His band sounds fresh and tight with Johnny Schoen on bass and Jason Hartless on Drums and do not disappoint. Heavy on the politics, but the music is good and sounds as fresh as it did back in the day. While there is no swinging from a rope while playing guitar, it’s a good old fashioned rock show.

Review and Photos by Roman Sobus