Pierre-Alexandre Petiot

Pierre-Alexandre Petiot,  a French jazz pianist, from Beaune in Burgandy, appeared at Club Bonafide on October 25th, making his New York City debut. Performing his repertoire  of French pop, swing, boogie and blues, Pierre reminded his enthusiastic audience why we, as a culture, are fascinated with French jazz.   His style is  inspired by the French pop genre, S. Gainsbourg of  the 1950’s,  E. Piaf and  C. Aznavour for whom he played keyboard. Check him out at the Beaune Wine Festival in Burgandy  where  he is  the resident Musicial  Director well as his gigs regularly playing for artists throughout Europe. Members: Pierre-Alexandre Petiot, piano; Felix Lemerle, guitar

Photos and Review by Maria Passannante-Derr