Mattiel, Harmony on Mars

Mattiel and

Harmony on Mars (opener)-The Drake Hotel

Toronto, Canada

Harmony on Mars is a rock and roll duo formed by Toronto-born Jack and Max White.

I asked Max, the guitarist how long they’d been playing together. He said most of their lives, but only 18 months or so for this project in front of non-family members.

It takes time to build a following, but the charismatic pair produces a big sound on stage.

Mattiel Brown’s date at the Drake was marked with an asterisk on my calendar. I had heard good things about her energy and stage presence.  I heard right. She definitely has ‘it’.  The Atlanta native, with an album, ‘satis factory’ due June 14th, was all over the stage and just oozed charisma. 

Her shows will only get better as she’s playing a heavy tour schedule through August, covering Canada, the US, UK, and several EU countries. 

Photos and Review by Jeff Ross